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Learn about stair lift features, read company reviews, check out tips for buying a stair lift and view our selections for the best stair lift companies. A stair lift is something you will rely on each day. This means that you need to find one that is durable and easy to use. Additionally, factors such as the weight of the user, how far the chair has to go up the stairs and the speed at which it operates are important.
Regain access to your bedroom, garage or basement. Go anywhere you want to in your home, without fear for your safety, just like the good old days. With Easy Climber, you can go back to using your entire home, whenever you want. Now you don’t need to confine yourself to just one floor or worry about moving to a senior living facility prematurely just to avoid the perils of a fall. Enjoy your home again—all of it!
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Why Choose 101 Mobility for Your Stair Lifts? Switch Country Tasty Dishes with Extra Health A-peel 847-215-9490 The standard arrangement for indoor straight track / rail rental stairlifts is that initially the customer will be required to pay an upfront the following items:
Stair lifts for seniors: Everything you need to know
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Sensory Swings Canes / Crutches  (8) Buy Finding the right home security system is as easy as answering these three simple questions. Support up to 350 lbs
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3. Philadelphia, PA Painters Our lifts come with feet that are attached to the rail and screwed into stairway floor for ultimate stability. 101 Mobility’s skilled service technicians can install your stair lift on numerous staircase surfaces such as carpet, hardwoods, concrete, and even tile or marble with special consideration and hardware.
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A curved stair lift does just that: it gets you around corners. Ours are made specifically for your stair case. We take a survey and send it off to engineering who create a design of what you need. By doing this, we are able to make sure that your stairlift fits your stair case exactly.
Handicare In addition to the standard purchase and installation fees, some other fees and special circumstances can affect the price of the unit.
Seat: some lifts have no seat, which may be easier to use for those who have trouble bending their knees, while others do have a seat for those that find it easier to rest
Oct 31, 2017 6:20 PM Creators Purchase or rent (if the chairlift is only needed for a short time)
Research the company (or seller) you are buying from. Buy a reputable brand and you should feel completely safe as long as you use the stairlift as directed. Some have safety features such as sensors to keep the stairlift from moving until you’re securely in the chair. Although you can buy refurbished models, a new stairlift is likely to be more reliable and covered by a warranty. Finally, pay for professional installation and make sure installers are licensed and bonded.

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Original review: March 28, 2018 There are a number of rail options available for the straight and curved models. Any option that is added has an effect on the price you will pay. Here are some of the options available:
Explore Outside Lift Models Acorn Stairlifts 2018-02-12 13:35 PST looking for a specific product?
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    Harmar offers several makes to choose from: Pinnacle, Helix, Vantage or Summit. Invest in your independence when you invest in a stair lift. Be independent. Be confident. Harmar. Lifts for Life.
    Some manufacturers also make waterproof, outdoor lifts that enable you to access your backyard or to enter your home if you need to climb several steps. Prices start around $5,000 and go up for an outdoor lift.
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    Aftercare is a top priority for us here at Acorn. We want to make sure that all our stairlift users are 100% happy with our stairlifs.
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  5. all of our stair lifts are manufactured to extremely high standards – Harmar is actually based out of Sarasota, FL so you can be sure their products are manufactured to withstand the elements there.

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    During a free, in-home evaluation, our experts will help find a rental solution that meets your needs and budget. For example, in some split-level homes, renting two straight stair lifts may be more cost-effective than purchasing a single custom curved stair lift.
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    The best three stair lift companies we recommended stand out for different reasons and meet our selection criteria. We came to our conclusions after reviewing market research and expert analysis, resulting in recommendations designed to help you choose the ideal stair lift based on your individual needs.
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    That’s why a stair lift or chair lift isn’t just a convenient addition to your home, it’s a necessity. A stair lift allows a house to be a home, not a hindrance.
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  9. The Bruno CRE (Curved Rail Elevator) has set the standard with award-winning, custom curved rail stairlift designs by offering a smooth ride both up and down stairs and through turns…a ride unequalled in the industry. It has a smooth, powerful drive system combines a self-locking worm gear and rack-and-pinion design. This provides the safest operation and longest lasting durability in the industry.
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    My husband was having ankle surgery and had a heart attack a couple years ago so we decided to have a stairlift installed so he would eventually be able to get to his office downstairs. A lady from Acorn Stair Lifts came and measured and led us to believe the track would be not flush but close to the wall so others could walk up and down the stairs without concern. We had to put five hundred dollars down for this and did while trusting this woman’s evaluation for us. A guy came to install it and informed us it would have to come further out practically to the middle of the stair. No way!!! So we did not let him install it and told him we wanted our five hundred dollars back.
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